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 Posted: Sat Oct 18th, 2008 12:00 am
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 Frances Williams 
 Oct. 17, 2008

        She Devilin' Queen


Down in the Bayou near New Orleans

She Devilin' woman called Betty Jean

She will haunt any man and take his soul

Cajun Devil a Heart Broken Queen


Way back in eighteen hundred and seventeen

A Woman was Killed.. bloody sight on halloween

She walks this cajun town, lookin' for the man

Who loved and left her broken-hearted soul

She Devilin' woman, called Betty Jean


She gets dressed up and goes down town

On every Eeerie dark scary, Halloween

She will flash her cold and wicked smile

Lookin', Sexy, Hot and deadly mean


She devilin' woman will rattle her bones

She's on the prowl to break-up your homes

She goes hauntin' for the married man

Who killed poor poor ole' Betty Jean


She still haunts the streets of the Bayou

Known as the Cold Broken Hearted Queen

She Devilin' lost soul called Betty Jean

Be careful, out late at night on Halloween


She Devilin' Woman will take your Soul

She will Scream in a hauntin' Way.. Cry Why Why!


Sing this in Legator Eerie Tones.... (Cajun Blues Maybe) 


Note: I am not going to enter this in the Halloween contest..

My song structure is not good enough.. I thought someone

might enjoy reading it..For a Halloween.........Booooooo! lol


Enjoy, "The She Devilin' Queen"of New Orleans.

Frances Williams







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