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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 10:18 pm
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Crystal Lynn

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hey alex,

what a sweet lyric for your little girl, and this is something I believe you should finish, at least for the fact, it's something you can show or play for her. It's SO important for a little girl to have a relationship with her daddy, (it's something I never had as a little girl) so I am making it a point with my own life, to make sure my girls have that with their own daddy.

Now, onto your've got some great imagery going on...(by that I mean holding her hand, being her protector, ect)   But your "hook" as far I can tell is..."Here For  You"  and I only seeing it being  mentioned in your  build and really want that to be your focus in your Chorus.

i can see and hear a really beautiful chorus.....with that tag (hook) I

Build that up.....and by that I mean....situations where you are there for her.

This could be a lovely lyric and song.......keep working on it!! 



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