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 Posted: Fri Aug 22nd, 2008 07:50 pm
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This is a song that I wrote for my 6yr old girl. Funny thing is I dont have any music to it. Just a melody in my mind. suppose I need to work on it quite a bit more.. anyways here I am throwing myself out here to be critiqued. Look foward to hearing what you have to say..

Here for you (c) 2002 Alex Cameron

[vs. 1] 

Life never seemed to matter

til I held your lil hand

you looked up at me

and made me understand


with tears in your eyes

you tear holes in me

with a smile on your face

I know I'm complete


Looked for truth on the cross

looked for meaning in my mind

looked for knowledge in books

thru the passage of time

with these things I can now see

your smile is all that matters to me


I know that someday you

you will find a love that's true

I hope that man is the

right one for you but


if you ever find it hard

just to make it thru

remember daddy's

always here for you



I hope you know my love is true

and that daddy's always here for you...

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