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 Posted: Sun Jul 6th, 2008 04:12 pm
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 Added a bridge..... And changed a word here and there in the verses.....
I can almost hear it played, anyone else feeling this one?

Southern Sounds

Give me some o' that southern rock
mix it with some rythym and blues
hey y'all now don't forget
some country attitude
anything from gimme three steps
to them Haggard song's of truth
nothing like them old sweet songs
to get you in the mood

Play me a song bout Curtis Lowe
with a green grass high tides view
don't forget bout the CDB
that stuff kicks like a mule
from Molly Hatchett to the Van Zandts
and don't forget that Allman crew
get me dancing to some Blackfoot
yeah, you know you love em too


So play me some of them southern sounds
play some country atti i tu u ude
yeah turn it up and crank it loud
n just fall into the groove
Ain't nothing like them ol' southern sounds
to drive away your blue ooh ooh's
so play me some o' them southern sounds
with that country attitude

Bridge ?

Listen folks to what I got to say
if it ain't for you, well that's co ooh ol
but as for me and all my friends
that southern rock will always rule


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