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 Posted: Fri Dec 28th, 2007 02:41 am
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The forum has been down, the servers have been down, and my blood pressure has been up.  So much for the host moving to a new platform.

For those of you that notice such things, the forum stats have been updating at a different time.  The servers used to be on the West coast and the board stats would update a 12AM PST.  They are now updating a 9PM PST, which means the new servers are on the East coast.  On the previous hosting service we experienced some of the same problem we are having now.  Back then, once the forum moved to the new platform, (east coast servers) we were down more than up.  Guess what?

Prior to them recently moving us to the new servers, we rarely had problems.  Currently the systems have gone down more in just a weeks time than they ever did since May of this year.

If it moves like a slug, be patient.  I can see tons of double-posts coming.

So now you know.

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