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 Posted: Fri Dec 17th, 2021 03:28 pm
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I recently rented the apartment across from where I live to house and abbreviated version of my recording studio. My control table has a Presonus 16.4.2 mixer that uses Capture to record "wet" .wavs and sends a pre-fader track to my DAW. I'm primarily a Protools 11 user but have most other major DAWS available. It is handy to be able to throw a live wet track into the mix either for reference or to fatten. My rack has two MOTU 2408 firewire interfaces, a 8 channel light-pipe ADAT, and a Focusrite Saffire for the midi. I have some outboard tube compressors and a couple of outboard mic pre-amps that I really like. I have two Kurzweil keyboards, one as a midi controller and one for recording live, and a Roland VK 7. I have just finished sound adjusting the main room with bass trap corners, acoustic panels, heavy drapes, floor rugs, and several Stetson hats hanging on the walls and have a recording pit with leather furnishings that do a great job of soaking up bass and killing reverb. I have headphones throughout the recording area and a Mackie Big Knob controller to select between sources and different speakers, Rocket Reference monitors, Mackie Room monitors and a vintage Macintosh amp with Klipsh speakers.
I am in the process of setting up the other room as a drum room and amplifier room but it will require a lot of sound proofing because of the neighborhood. The best part is that when my partner and I get into an argument, I can just walk across the street and lock myself in with music.

Music is the precursor to written language and will probably replace it again when the dumbing is complete.
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