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 Posted: Sun Jan 17th, 2021 06:13 am
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Unless you plan on doin' time
^^^^ mmmmk. Interesting.

"Come On Vacation-Leave On Probation "
^^^^ nice original rhyme

No need callin' mama
She aint got the keys
^^^^ I like this line, but I'm not sure if this is the right song for it unless you explain it a little further. I might just be being super picky on the logic (I was trained to write essays, not songs lol), but my issue with this line is that she isn't locked out of her car, so that isn't the problem. If you are referring to jail-cell keys, then it isn't explicitly clear. However, it may be more obvious to other audiences.

Dont waste no time worrying about
All they plant from their trunk
^^^^ not totally sure what you mean. Again, maybe other people will understand it better than I do, but do you mean they are taking things from their own trunks and planting it in the subject's trunk?

"Come On Vacation-Leave On Probation "
They ought to put it on a sign
Stake it in the grass along I-40
At The Beckham County Line

DA's gonna get her Court Costs
Lawyers' gonna get his fees
No need callin' mama
She aint got the keys

My favorite part of this is the first half of the chorus. It seems upbeat but serious at the same time. And I like the isolation of the sign idea. Can I ask what inspired this one?

Disclaimer: I am a beginner! Take any advice from me with a grain of salt because I probably don't know what I'm talking about!
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