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 Posted: Mon Dec 21st, 2020 08:56 pm
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Again, it's about the audience. Who is it? Is it for mass audiences? Is it to try and get on a major label album? The last line in the first stanza if it is. Now, if you're trying to get people riled up and trigger some folks, then that last line will do fine.

But, if you're wanting it to play to a larger audience and you're trying to highlight the differences between country living and high-brow city life, you might try something like, "acting all cosmopolitan."

Can easily rhyme with friends if you say it with some twang. A lot of people where I'm say it cosmopolo-ten. Or, whatever you choose. But, just saying that one line would make it a tosser to a huge number of folks you might be trying to sell this to.

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