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 Posted: Tue Dec 15th, 2020 06:57 am
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Those yoga tights get my attention
When you smile from that position you're in
But I must question your intentions
Sipping latte's with your gay friends

You like my truck, you like my boots
You say I look like nobody's fool
But country music has no bass
And my guns really scare you

Those bright blue eyes are the devil's spies
You're tongue is sharp but soft
Can't read between the blurry lines
Honey, you turn me on... But you turn me off

You say mother earth needs our love
Starving puppies are such a pity
You really want to change the world
But I see nothing green in the city

Red and yellow, black and white
Let's all make love and seize the day
Honey, I can't fault your ambition
But real life is more than grey

Let's write something!!!! :)
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