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 Posted: Fri Dec 11th, 2020 12:44 pm
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echo insider wrote:
Very well metered song with a timeless subject: navigating the capriciousness of the attention (or, lack thereof) by the object of one's affection in a heroic manner.
It seems our protagonist was aghast at first when she wanted to break up, but after some gut wrenching introspection he concluded that he was faultless, but was willing to do what it would take to repair their relationship. However, when he saw her with another guy, it was the final straw and he saw that she was never going to be the one for him and that their relationship was dead forever.
You must wonder if the image of his ideal love
is still there waiting for another person to step into and be measured by. I find that the more pliant the models of my affection are the less often they are thrown off by the very real person forced to wear them.
Hope that's alright cud for thought. Cheers

Very insightful review. Yes, that is exactly what I was aiming for! Thank you for expressing it so much better than I ever would /could have. You definitely have the soul of a lyricist &/ or poet.


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