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 Posted: Sat Dec 5th, 2020 06:15 am
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Andrea wrote:
Hi Steve,

I have written a lyric for the melody. I would like to know more about how you plan to use it - if you like it?


Sorry Andrea , I forgot to introduce me.

My name is Steve Sledge , living in Hamburg/Germany and write songs since 2004 with many lyric writers from USA .
( always 50/50 copyright split for the songs )

Last year I released my first album „Steve Sledge Vol 1“ on iTunes , Spotify ,Amazon , Youtube and so on.

Some songs are also produced as music videos on YouTube ( Steve Sledge : „where do dreams go“ and many others.

I‘m planning my second album at the moment. ( with this song too ) in general I would also be willing to write songs for major artists, but I've only managed to do that once in Germany so far.

With two songs I‘m in a publisher contract in Hamburg. ( Stringkiller music )

One song is release at The Orchard :

My Album :

Videos :

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