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 Posted: Sun Nov 29th, 2020 07:58 am
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Thank you Sir
Yes its my first song but the talent is provided by a guy named Peter Cleff of South Africa- I found him in the early morning hours of a site called "fiverr"

When I sent him the lyrics and told him my story he really wanted to put guitar and voice to it then blend in some other stuff. He really brought the lyrics to life for me

I own several and build websites so I DO NOT SPAM others forums- but I appreciate this guy SO MUCH and others would find him SO HELPFUL I would like to link to his gig if its appropriate

MY plan- after posting here and making revisions shared by those who contributed their input- is to have him make it one more time with the revised lyrics and maybe blemd in some saxophone where it says "When Forever Ends"- I jut have to make a little money to finish it :(

Thank you for ALL your input and advice!

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