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 Posted: Sat Nov 28th, 2020 11:02 pm
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Just some feelings that have been gestating, having been living away from the Mango---and missing it like crazy.

Every time I see a film that, OK, idealizes the city (The Fisher King---a wet kiss to Manhattan)---it hits me in the heart, b/c my heart's THERE---and I want to go back. The rest I said in the lyric---DEFINITELY autobiographical. (The tune has been written, just not 100% on paper yet. Will post when done. It may be one of my best---or, anyway, most heartfelt.

I like Billy Joel's New York State of Mind VERY much, but why make MY take an imitation, another travelogue/list song when HE already covered that ground, and so wonderfully?

(You can Take me Out of New York, But) You Can't Take New York Out of Me Joel Fass (c) 2020 Exemplar (ASCAP)

Verse (rubato):

Rolled the dice once more,

Bet my wad on someplace new

Thought I had the answer this time for sure

But I only rolled snake eyes,

So I came down with the blues

But this time I came up with the cure:

(Instrumental tempo set up---4 bars)

Refrain (walking swing 12/8 feel tempo):

Every time I think 'I'll try

For a ''fresh start'' somewhere new'

I get nowhere except back to ‘reality’

Guess you can take me out of New York

But you can't take New York out of me


Jitneyed to Jakarta,

Parachuted to Peru,

Made landfall at

Harbors fresh and new

Hit the docks perfectly,

Yet still felt ‘at sea’

'Cause you can take me out of New York

But you can't take New York out of me

Bridge: You scrutinize every line

From every brochure

Pick a land you bet’s exotic and new

Make the move, then discover

It's just one colossal bore

'Cause you've brought along the same old you

So I arranged to leave my troubles

Back in New York, on some shelf

Thinking 'I'll travel light:

Just a comb, a few dreams, and myself'

Then today I thought it over

Wanna know the funniest part?:

Well, I'll be darned: I'd also left my heart!

Last stanza:

So 'adieu', headin' home,

With a new attitude

Gonna change my ways

Instead of my address

Kiss The Big Apple ground,

In deep gratitude

'There's no place like home'

Ain't no platitude---

(ritard, held note on 'yes') And, yes :

Coda (slower): I'll toast old friends at the tavern

Raise a glass to fin’lly bein' home free----

'Cause you can---(rit)

Take me out of old New York

But you can't----take---New York---out of-----

Meeeee (fine')

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