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 Posted: Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 08:46 pm
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WOW... There's a sermon I could dwell on for days lol, but for the sake of "love thy neighbor" I'll try to keep this focused...

The beauty of America is that, just like in the Bible, freedom and free will go hand in hand and are mutually respected and protected. "We are all bound by the law of the land." Only in America can a small percentage of the population have such a freely pervasive and unrelenting political influence upon the majority. However, if you believe a gay pride parade is motivated by equality and neighborly love you're sadly mistaken. Anything politically motivated is a battle against established or presumed opposition, which automatically makes you someone's rival... and we all know what political rivals become. I believe that today's hyper-politically motivated deliberations are intended for that effect, to divide people upon grounds of moral hypocrisy. The problem is, today's minorities want "special laws" to ensure their "special kind" of freedom, but that only convolutes the law which is supposed to apply equally for everyone. Consider WHY so many would be so insulted by what I wrote. Do you believe that, despite our differences, the gay community sees me as their loving and equal compatriot? Of course not, because they've made a political point of standing against Christian morality. The problem is, they've also unwittingly made themselves enemies of freedom. No government should ever be powerful enough to dictate morality. I'm going to say that again so read carefully, "No government should ever be powerful enough to, by law or doctrine, dictate morality!" Why? Because that's not freedom! The truth is, as a Christian, I really do have a soft spot in my heart for minorities... I am one! So, since liberal democracy is now synonymous with socialism and "mob rules", I now have to ask you; When has ANY MINORITY ever thrived in such a lawful totalitarian political environment? Free citizens should really take great care to study history and be very careful how much power and authority they give their government by rule of law. READ YOUR CONSTITUTION!

Let's write something!!!! :)
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