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 Posted: Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 04:09 am
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Really Andrea... "wink..."

I have several perspectives;
1- I was born in Alabama and all my family is southern, but my Dad was military. We would bounce from southeast to west every two years, so as a child I learned the difference very quickly.
1- I graduated high school and spent most of "my" military years in California, Then lived in Atlanta for 25yrs. I know what a "REAL" politically motivated and uninhibited liberal gay pride celebration looks like.
3- I answered my first altar call in a neighborhood Baptist Church in Cherry Point, N Carolina when I was 8 y/o and have been a Bible believing Christian ever since.
4- As a combat veteran I swore allegiance to the US Constitution, then witnessed real political subjugation, racism, bigotry, and the horror of absolute authoritarian rule by law up close and personal.
5- At 55, I've been around enough to learn the truth is a funny thing... It's always right, but it always hurts, and it's always divisive... Thank God! :)

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Let's write something!!!! :)
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