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 Posted: Wed Nov 11th, 2020 03:31 am
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Title: You Thought You Had Me At Goodbye!
Lyrics Copyright © 2020-2021 Joe Givens


I'll never forget when you you left
You played me like a fool
Tried ev'rything you could ta break me..
Never dreamed you'd be so cruel..

Babe I got a big surprise for you..
The pain didn't last too long..
Sat and had me a long cool drink..
And wondered where I'd gone wrong..

What had I done to deserve this?
Tossed and turned all night..
But just couldn't find anything..
I'd done that wasn't right.

So, decided just to suck  it up..
An' set aside my pride
Then I saw you there with him
Bet you thought you had me at goodbye!


Yeah, you thought you had me at goodbye..
And you thought you could make this.. poor ol' cowboy cry..
Don't even bother tryin' with another sad alibi..
I know you thought you had me at goodbye..

I believed what we had was true
Then I saw the worst side of you
There was no need for any more hellos.
Knew it was time to move on, then, ya know!!

You really thought you had me at goodbye!!!!

Uh huhhhhh!

{Instrumental Interlude}


I used to watch you from afar
When we were kids in school
Yeah, girl you were my everything
Guess even then I was just your fool!

If this had been the only time
I'd caught you sneakin''round my back
Guess I could've forgiven you
An cut you a little slack!

But I figgered out your wicked ways
You can only fool a fool's heart so long
Not going to be your fool  any more
Think i will?  Hate to tell ya, but you'd be wrong!

So I hope you're happy with him
Or whoever's stuck with you
An' they know what they're in for
A cheater's kiss is never true!

Oh, there's someone here I want you to meet
My new love, ain't she just so cute n' sweet?
When you said goodbye, then we said hello
Me? I'm doing fine.. thought you'd wanna know!

{Chorus 2}

You really thought you had me at goodbye..
An' honey, It's not like I didn't try.
Had it up to here with your honey flavored  lies..
But you won't ever see.. this ol' cowboy cry..

I've since moved on and you know why
Had enough drama here in life
Found me a good one who's not full of lies
You..thought.. you.. had.. me.. at goodbye!

{2nd time only}

{Spoken happily with sarcasm}

Hey! So long princess..
Sayonara, adios, arrivederci..

Don't let it hit ya where the door might git ya!

Yeah, girl, you thought you had me at goodbye!!!!

Yeeehaaawww!!  Hahahaha! 


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