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 Posted: Sun Nov 1st, 2020 04:28 pm
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# your last day
All the change from the ashtray flew out in the floor
His old hat slid off the dash and went out the door
You could smell burnt rubber. As smoke filled the air
He could hear angels singing. Way above somewhere

Flashing Lights and sirens blared then the wrecker came
As a trooper said a prayer an angel did the same
Some roses and a love you card Left laying in the road
An apology for a stupid fight. That he felt he owed

You never know
Your last day
So if you love them
You better say
Because you never know
Your last day
So if you love them
You better say

At home a wife is waiting teardrops in her eyes
But when her cell phone rang it caught her by surprise
Her legs got weak and she cried. then she dropped the phone
He said he’d been in a wreck. But he was coming home

Copyright Perry Mattingly11012020

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