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 Posted: Tue Oct 27th, 2020 03:37 am
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Raoul McWenna


Hello RainbowKeeper,
i have read your lyrics "Lighthouse". I like it.The second line... 
"And the ocean is the sea". The ocean is the sea, isn`t it?Translation in German so it maybe is more obvious what i mean."Und der Ozean ist die See." Sea is just another word for ocean, land and body are two different things.
Land -> BodyOcean -> Soul ?  maybe  consciousness or life?
A Body without a soul would be a lifeless shell. And it is said, that Water can store information. Water has a memory, so i guess, it has consciousness, too. Water is life, without water, no cabon based life is possible as we know it. So Soul would make sense.
"What may a lighthouse be?..."  hmmm...  My House... like Otto Walkers lives in ? ^^Maybe your house, your inner me, the "ego", the "i" ?Standing tall in a chaotic sea, which could represent life.
"Living high above land and sea" Is the Lighthouse a god itself?
When you show ships your way, what does it say?
You are their guru? The ships adviser, where and how to sail?I mean it not in a bad way, like most gurus are. "I`m there (here) to show the ships their way"   the Lighthouse shows them, not tells them. Big difference. Most people always tell how good they are. But good people don`t have to tell, they show it.Nobody listen anyways, to anything ^^  So that`s the best one can do. Be a light to yourself and than let others see and decide for their own.

The word porous, i don`t really like. The idea to paint a picture with decaying, expiring stones to represent time, i love. Reminds me of the Russian Movie-Director Andrei Tarkovsky, he loved to show "time". 

Dissolving is used later.

A lil bit unclear what happened exactly.  The keeper wants to jump into death and never come back? Escape the miserable lonely life he has in the lighthouse. in the end it feels, like the Keeper runs out of time. Life/the sea is calling his name. "The truth is in you, not in your name." Finde die Wahahrheit - Böse Onkelz.

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