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 Posted: Fri Oct 9th, 2020 08:57 pm
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Wrote this on my drive to work this morning and posted it to a country page. With an hour or two I had a lady who is personal friends with a fairly well known artist ask if I would send her a copy so she could forward it to him. Gonna keep my fingers crossed! Funny part is, though I like it, I think I have others that are much better... Maybe I don’t?

Even A Rich Man

Do your kids wear a smile
Is there food upon their plate
Be grateful for the little things
That sometimes pass your way

Did you get the chance to love
In this world so full of hate
If so count your blessings
Here's some words to contemplate

Even a rich man
Can die poor
Without a hand to hold
When he finds deaths door
I'd rather walk alone
Till my final day
Then find a hand to hold
That sends me on my way

I've chased dollars at a cost
So high I can't explain
Yet it really got me nowhere
In exchange


Some blessings aren't apparent
Till we're about to close our eyes
Maybe then we'll see that we held...paradise


Yes even a rich man

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