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 Posted: Fri Oct 9th, 2020 04:52 am
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I Saw the Light

Father oh Father,
I pray to thee
A lifetime sinner,'s me
It's been nothing but darkness
And a constant haze
Never a morning
to take them away

With no hope in sight,
I was almost through
Then I saw the light
and I cried out to you


Father oh Father,
I'm on my knees
praying for redemption
Thankful Jesus died for me

I'm getting chills
As I kneel and pray
I feel the Holy Spirit
Showing me the way

Now it's so clear,
what I couldn't see
When brought into the light
Forever set me free..


Once blinded by darkness
Until I saw the light
That led me from the shadows
Of those endless nights

I saw the light
The Beacon of salvation
It was so bright
I had this affirmation
Just ask Jesus to be saved
And he'll wash your sins away
So you can rise and shine
On Judgement Day

I saw the Light © 8/15/12 John P. Sturgill

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