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 Posted: Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 12:21 am
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Comments/Crits/Collab Welcome :)

slipping away, fading fast
about to lose my grasp
clinging to a yesterday
it's gone
a tender kiss, the ocean blue
the innocence of youth
unrelenting gravity
it's wrong

brevity, the expectation
the ardency, the realization
a life of learning far behind the curve
a sense of knowing, then exploding
un-controlling, so annoying
all the swimmers quit without a word

blue, saffron, and fuchsia
it's twilight at Laguna...

serenity, floating weightless
sink or swim, defeat is tasteless
the ocean doesn't care
I see
catch a wave, catch some rays
count the stars, count the days
love me if you're lucky
just be

Let's write something!!!! :)
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