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 Posted: Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 11:45 pm
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Nother one I reworked today. Like always feel free to comment and leave feedback.


...if the land is the body
And the ocean is the Soul
What may a lighthouse be?...

I’m the keeper of this lighthouse A‘
Livin‘ high above land and sea
I’m there to show the ships their way
Light up their path, guide them safely
Can see signs on the horizon
Illusions? Through the clouds they’ve gleamed
Watching the bubbles coming up
They are the dreams I once have dreamed

Through the night my light is shining. A+
Since ancient times I do exist
Tower‘s stones are getting porous
Cause of the storms, cause of the mist
I can see the dark waves crashing
And these strong winds could break my neck
But sometimes I feel that longing
To jump down there and don’t come back

My lighthouse B
Made of dissolving stones
My lighthouse
Surrounded by the seagull‘s tones
My lighthouse
Made of dissolving stones
How long it may resist anymore
Springtides and cyclones?

Feel the might of the tides. C
Experience their change
Feel the might of the tides
Realize the power of the moon
Feel the might of the tides
Experience their change
Can you hear him calling you?
Can you hear King Neptune?

Yes when I taste the water’s salt A*
I wanna douse my burning flame
Times when my thoughts follow the stream
The water is calling my name

© by Ian P.
02.05.2013/ reworked: 23.09.20
W by Ian P.
for: VB

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Hey y’all !
Im new here and tryin to figure out how this forum works!
Interested in convos about good music and specially about songwriting, lyrics and ideas. All my stuff is protected! copyright by FabIan Peters

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