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 Posted: Sun Sep 6th, 2020 09:14 pm
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I have to call this done or write a new verse everyday

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Now that yet another crisis has gone swept acrost the land
You're clutching your devices like they're stapled to your hands
You have more information than you need for these conditions
You've heard it all a thousand times, why ain't nobody listening?

The profits made by those who are the first to break the news
Are so obscene there's no reward in waiting for the truth
Anything's a crisis if it garners enough wealth
But after the commercials they'll be on to something else

Don't shoot the messenger

The man who once said, and I quote, this'll all be done by May
might lose a quarter million voters before election day
But he says nah, it's just a hoax, no need to count the dead
They're mostly just poor city folks who never voted red

Now both the left and right are leaning well past radical
It looks like sensibility has taken a sabbatical
Hurlin' cherry-picked atrocities across the aisle at each other
As if one immoral act could justify another

Don't shoot the messenger

If you vilify the victims you can delegate the blame
Then pretend you are appalled to see the neighborhood in flames
And those who seem to have a thirst for hurried Armageddon
Are trying to put the fires out with AK forty-sevens

And though they're in the kind of places no one wants to live
You named all them streets after MLK, how much can you give?
Thought you fixed all that inequity and built a safer planet
When you gave yourselves a Monday off and etched his words in granite

Don't shoot the messenger

The fabric of community is strategically unravelled
As the monuments to liberty are slowly ground into gravel
Civility is gone beyond the point of no return
When the voice of reason is the one that says just let it burn

I am just the messenger and neither side has paid me
I'm just a mirror reflecting the reality that made me
So, when the day arrives that I have joined the choir eternal
please equip my place of rest with a dance floor and a urinal

But don't shoot the messenger

Gregg Barrett

Just call me Gregg
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