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 Posted: Fri Aug 28th, 2020 04:24 am
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Father oh Father
I pray to thee
A lifetime sinner
Here I am, it's me
It's been darkness
A constant haze
And no morning dawn
To burn it away

With no hope in sight
And full of rage
I saw your light
I called your name


Father oh Father
I'm saved by your grace
I'm on the path to salvation
By the sacrifice you made
Now I get chills
When I bow and pray
Because the holy spirit
Shows me the way


What would've I done
If I didn't see the light
That pulled me from the darkness
Of endless nights

I saw the light
The Beacon of salvation
Oh so bright
With this affiliation
Just ask Jesus to be saved
And he'll wash your sins away
So you can rise and shine
On judgement day

Beacon on Salvation © 8/15/12 John P. Sturgill

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