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 Posted: Wed Aug 19th, 2020 04:58 am
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There’s Always Tomorrow

Verse 1:

You feel alone, no one’s by your side

Now there’s nothing you want to by but cry

Your friends ask you if you’re okay and you lie:
“Don’t worry.”

I know you feel like the world is unfair

And that no one, no one even cares

Listen when I say, it won’t always be this way


Don’t give up, just keep on living

The future is in your hands

Just let go of all the pain inside

It belongs in your past

Let love in and forget about all of your sorrow

There’s always tomorrow

There’s always tomorrow

Verse 2:

You say, “what’s the point of fighting”

But anything’s better than dying

One more day is all you need to change your life



There’s always tomorrow

Tomorrow’s a brand new day

You’re strong enough

Don’t run away


There’s always tomorrow… (Fade…)

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