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 Posted: Sat Aug 1st, 2020 08:34 pm
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M.P. Dudash wrote:
Charles, I see this one as more pop. Chorus line 2 I don’t care for. I am thinking use commotion as the rhyme. And she’s always causing a commotion? Something along those lines? Not feeling the bridge. I think a change there would help also.

Yea, Mike... it could be pop. Much of genre depends on the music.

Chorus, line 2, goes well with lines one and two of verse 1, and line one of the pre-chorus. It’s my favorite line!

The bridge explains the extreme contrast and self-reflecting humility of the singer. This is the Maid of Heaven he’s singing about here! He’s the expression of nothingness compared to her. Marriage is impossible...


All songs are from God. Those that are not, aren’t songs at all.
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