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 Posted: Fri Jul 31st, 2020 03:17 am
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Andrea wrote:
Hi Charles, I am quite liking this. I can hear it sing out as I read.

I might agree with RDM about flipping the coin in the Chorus. Maybe it could be Can't flip a coin and hope it's right?

I like V3, but for me it is a 180 too fast. I would like something to lead me to the change of heart. Another verse, a bridge, or maybe an instrumental break could be enough.

I do like the coda. Something popped in my head as I am writing - not sure it is any better, but I will include it for your thoughts :

Land the coin without foresight:
Let the coin fall where it may

Thanks, Andrea... Your comments and suggestions mean a lot. Read the answer about the coin flip I wrote to RD Man.

For Verse 3, I feel you right about how it comes on kinda abruptly. I placed a instrumental break before it.

Second line of the coda is critical. It the choice I truly don’t have but accept, since I find either road adventurous. Can’t change it.


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