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 Posted: Thu Jul 30th, 2020 01:10 pm
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All My Ex’s Send Me Text’s

All my ex’s send me text’s
With images that once
Were very dear to me
All my ex’s send me text’s
Texts I can block but not
The memories

Barbara’s texts are from Las Vegas
Showing me the bridal suite
Joni sends me love and kisses
Says they’ve not had time to eat

Linda’s pictures show Niagra
And the hunk she’s fallen for
Then there’s Tammy in Miami
Says she hopes it rains some more

Repeat Chorus

I’d heard rumors they’d remarried
But I didn’t have to see
All the good times they were having
Now that they weren’t part of me

Doctor says I’m in denial
But the texts they send to me
Show me all the love I’m missing
I can’t block those memories

Repeat Chorus

What God cannot do is an empty list {...}
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