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 Posted: Thu Jul 16th, 2020 12:43 am
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Definitely smoother,

and in this case also clearer:
Should all of us now really learn
shows it to be a hypothetical question rather than the prev "what if" which came across as a suggestion.

I would note that when listening, you won't hear the question marks, so the singer is going to need to convey that with their tone.

The English subjunctive tense is a bit of a beast, which is what you use when making conditional statements.
And I think you are right in saying many native speakers either don't get it right, or don't care a great deal.
Still I think your lyric is better for the changes.

In terms of the rainbow, which preposition to use depends on the meaning you are going for. If you are using "shining" as an active verb and the logical meaning is:
The rainbow is shining bright colors towards the sky
then "at" is correct, but you might phrase it:
Shining bright colors at the sky
to emphasize that.
"Bright shining" is typically an adjectival phrase so describing the rainbow. In that case the logical meaning would be:
The rainbow of bright shining colors that is part of the sky
in which case "of" or "in" is better.

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