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 Posted: Sat Jul 11th, 2020 05:39 pm
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JAPOV wrote: ??? (crickets...) ???
I was thinking about you folks today.

I haven't forgotten about you, or this song project.
It is taking longer to get with it than anticipated.

One big issue is the arrival of Summer with fan noise and window AC noise.
I need a quiet and empty house to record vocals. Even in a closed studio the microphone
will pick up someone closing doors or rummaging around in the kitchen. And the
hum of fans or window AC as well.

Additionally, I need to move my home this Summer, and my son was recently
hospitalized with a diagnosis of MS. He's back home and able to walk. So, we are thankful,
but this has been an adjustment. On top of everything else, Minneapolis has
been at the center of the George Floyd protests and BLM/AntiFa rioting.
Some parts of the city resemble a war zone. Everyone is on edge.

Anyway, I haven't forgotten about the project.
I might be able to record another instrumental that I have been working on.
That doesn't require a room microphone.

The new instrumental I am working on is inspired by Yvette Young and one of her
alternative tunings. FACGBE Very interesting.

To learn more, check out her interview with Anderton's music on YouTube.

- Sketch

Yvette Young Anderton's Interview.

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