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 Posted: Tue Jun 16th, 2020 11:16 pm
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Okay, the lyric submissions for the contest have been given.
Thanks to the two lyric writers that participated by submitting lyrics
and anyone else who contributed helpful comments.
Now it's time to vote.

Note: I will work with the contest winner to make the final lyrics
best fit the accompaniment.So, changes to the lyric submissions are likely.
But I will give the lyric writer the ultimate choice on suggested changes.

As I requested in the announcement,
I ask that you vote for someone other than yourself. Thanks.

Lyric submissions can be viewed here.

Judging criteria:
1) How well do the lyrics fit the track?
2) How well is the theme developed?
3) How original and creative are the lyrics?
4) Are the lyrics thought-provoking and memorable?
5) Grammatical accuracy. Correct spelling and word use? 

Song structure: Intro/5 verses/5 choruses
Intro - 6 bars
Verse - 8 bars
Chorus - 8 bars
After the intro the song alternates verse/chorus/verse/chorus 5 times (no ending)
The last chorus could be designated as the ending. Use the space as you see fit.
Note: verse and chorus are interchangeable.

Link to the track.

Let me know if you have questions. Thanks.

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