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 Posted: Thu Jun 4th, 2020 05:10 pm
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Hey rdm,

Thanks for your advice! I will have a closer look at it.
It is very personal and the question is more like: what can you say or describe if the feeling is kind of „unspeakable“ to explain. But I had to write it, to clear a little bit darkness from my soul.
And if you see someone dying more and more...for about 15 years by now it’s a very difficult situation. It gets you not only if you see it (I haven’t been there since a long time because I can’t stand the „aura of death“ that you can sense there. But it’s always in your head without being know that your phone can ring anytime and you get the tragic news. And you find yourself somewhere between: I don’t want that and it would be better. The doctors tell us that she is somekind of medical wonder to survive around 15 years with only 14-19% left of her lungs capacity. My uncle, who also is my godfather, takes care of her since so many years. But a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with no healing chance. He is also fading away now. They also had to give him 13 stends into his heart and his skin reacts to the chemotherapy in a strange way, too. His skin breaks up and he gets boils all over his body, so that he is ashamed to go out. Even grocery shopping is difficult for him. But he still takes care of her, cooks every day and is kinda chained to her and the apartment. For so many years now... when he was you get he was very violent-tempered, when he lost his job and all of that. And I remember that he got so angry once that he wanted to hit her with his hand, while she had their baby on her arms... she knew what he was about to do....but all she did was looking him straight in the eyes saying: come on, do it! But it will be the last thing you will do in your life! ...he never tried something like that again! But anyway, both have always been there...she worked as a cleaner in 5 families and 2 companies while he was unemployed. She cleaned our house for years and was also a kind of nanny for me and my you can imagine how much she...and he mean to me. They were there, in my darkest hours and when I had to get out of family trouble with my mum and dad at my own home. So how can you put this in lyrics without cliches and without „losing it“ in pain? Well I gave it a try...sorry, I didn’t want to write that much...and I’m about to cry, but somehow I had to let it all out. M‘excuse!

Hey y’all !
Im new here and tryin to figure out how this forum works!
Interested in convos about good music and specially about songwriting, lyrics and ideas. All my stuff is protected! copyright by FabIan Peters

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