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 Posted: Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 02:39 am
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Hello songwriters.
Here's a great opportunity for a lyricist that wants to get on a recording.

I have recorded an accompaniment for a song that needs lyrics.
It seemed that with current events dominating our lives, my planned
songwriting/demo recording seemed a bit irrelevant.

So, as a follow-up to the previous forum group effort,
That Thing Goin' 'Round, I wanted to try another project.
But this time I'll leave the lyric writing up to you.

The instrumental track I recorded is based on a pre-apocalyptic theme.
This concept is a play on the typical post-apocalyptic concepts we are
all familiar with. Like the Mad Max movies. Or my personal favorite,
The Book of Eli.

The difference being we are currently in a time that seems like the
dawn of the end times, therefore PRE-apocalyptic, rather than POST.

Songwriters will not be locked into this theme. Listen to the
accompaniment track and write what you think is appropriate.
Or follow the theme I had in mind when I recorded it. Your choice.

The winner will be decided by vote. I will create a poll for voting.
So, anyone on the forum can vote for the winner. I just ask that
you vote for someone other than yourself.

I'm putting the final touches on the accompaniment track. I will post it
to SoundCloud. Like all my music, free to listen, share and download.

I will add the vocals using the winning lyrics. And I may do more work
on the accompaniment to make it fit the lyrics/vocals.

The winner will be credited with lyric writing on the song, in the title area.
Let me know what questions you have and your level of interest in participation.

- Sketch

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