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 Posted: Sun May 24th, 2020 09:33 pm
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The Big Gundown

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Hi, thanks for submitting your lyrics. Yeah booze, the devil and hell all fine subjects in my world but you know it's been done a lot. If you're a writer then imagine you're writing a song for your favorite artist who would like a song like this. And then you gotta put in the effort and all your skill to present an original concept that they would want to sing.

Like I say in my other posts, think of stories. I find a lot of songs in this forum just telling me feelings, they're sad, angry etc. but I never read songs that show me those details. Think of your song as a 3-minute movie with a beginning, middle and climax.

One good idea is go to Amazon and look up fiction books and add thriller, crime etc. and get titles. You can't copyright titles so get a good 5 or 6 word title that pops out, to get you excited. A song called "This Old Bottle" is way too generic. I recommend something like "The Devil Whispers To Me" that sounds cool to me. Keep working dude, you'll get there.

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