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 Posted: Mon May 18th, 2020 05:20 pm
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Hi RainbowKeeper!
Thank you for the Rainbow Feedback!

I understand what you have shared and thank you for your comment. I realised what you meant after reading the lyrics to a song.

There is a line in there that says:

"Ever feel that you can't breathe?
Does the water feel too deep?"

Abd instantly I understood that you're saying that I don't need to write every single thing about what I am feeling so plainly but I must write it in such a way that will allow other people to put their meaning to it and add their story. This is what Mr. Gundown shared too. I didn't know this overall so thank you and Mr. Gundown.I will consider this for future songs.

However, I still have to say that I did not write this song with the intention for other people to connect with it. It is more like a song to release psy hological tension. Perhaps this shouldn't have been uploaded, but I just thought that I could upload it regardless without concern for the principle that it must be relatable for others. I also didn't struggle to get it perfect. I knew what I wanted to convey so I wrote it. I hope you understand what I mean now.

I still appreciate what you and Mr. Gundown had to say however because they're useful tools for future songs.

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