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 Posted: Sun May 17th, 2020 06:16 pm
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The Big Gundown

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Yes. You can say you're sad but show me how you're sad. I just thought of these lines off the top of my head:

I looked into the mirror and saw eyes that cared no more

I cried all night 'til the dawn broke, my tears rushed down, a flood to drown out the pain

Use anything to convey your emotion, experiment with language, read some Shakespeare, be creative. Songs are stories that listeners want to read and listen to not lines from your journal. Ralph Murphy, a songwriter with some great lectures on youtube, has a great quote: "Don’t whine, preach or vent, unless you do it with humour, irony, and detail"

We all need to heed that advice. So yes provide us with more details, if you want to write you have to work at it. If it does any of those three things, get rid of it or make it worthy for us to want to hear or read.

This is not to discourage you but to challenge you to look into yourself and release your ideas into a structured form. I see it as a privilege that we have the creativity to express our feelings.

It is a very narcissistic process so don't lose sight of the privilege part. We want the credit but understand people have way more important things to think about in their lives. But sometimes a song or poem can put things in perspective or help them have fun or commisserate. If you think you have that special gift then start working at it. Let the music be heard.

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