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 Posted: Tue Apr 14th, 2020 08:58 am
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RainyDayMan wrote:
Good stuff Jonathan! Enjoyed that. Hope you will do more of those. I found it interesting and useful. I've hit the subscribe button :)

I found it helpful when you were saying the effect you were aiming for (lifting the dynamic) mapped to the technique you were using (changing the guitar style or drum pattern) without getting caught up entirely in the technical detail of implementing that. There's a place for detail too, of course, but often that's dependent on the gear you are using, and in any case needs that overarching piece of why you are trying to do it in the first place! I guess it's that bridge between songwriting and arranging.

The plugins list was generous of you. For myself I didn't want to download those without understanding what they were. I tend to get cluttered enough as it is!

Your mixes are always top notch, so it's great that your sharing your approach. Good on you!

Glad you liked! I wish there was more stuff like this rather than how to EQ snares and kick when I was starting out. I was planning episodes like this every 3-4 weeks, but if there is interest I will do this more often.

Jonathan Linton
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