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 Posted: Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 02:17 pm
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I feel the need at this point to clarify my objectives on this piece
before I move forward.This is primarily for my own clarity of purpose.
But will serve to inform others. And speaks to the process of songwriting
and shows how I stay on track personally.

I have appreciated the help I have received, but I need to stay on track
with my original intention while I build the final item. "A camel is a horse built by committee.",
as the saying goes. So, I certainly want to avoid that outcome. A statement
at this point is the best way for me to stay focused and will be the best way to
view the outcome of this set of revisions.

My original intention was to apply the saying, "There's a lot of that going around.",
which was actually in reference to a company closing, to the current virus and to
everything that goes with it. Like the aforementioned company closing. BUT...
the saying has far-reaching application, since it was in common use long
before COVID19. So, I want to keep this thought in mind while we
move forward with some terrific additions.

Having defined the scope of the project we can begin to build into it the other
aspects.Aaron's comment about grounding this song historically in the current event
is a must. Ten or twenty years down the road, I want this current event
to be the obvious timestamp.

Beyond that we have a whole list of items we are building into the song.
Thanks againto the participants that gave this song a national and global perspective.

The final thing is the conclusion statement at the end of the song that developed
in this last revision. Rather than be satisfied with a historic statement, or simply as a
complaining rant, I feel the need to add a message of hope from my perspective.
This is a part of the larger purpose of my music as a whole. To make a statement.
I need to remain true to myself and my convictions. (but remain respectful of others)
Which is a tall order sometimes.

- Sketch

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