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 Posted: Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 04:27 pm
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The trail is rough, all uphill
Times are tough, I love you still
Remember when we danced all night?
Staying close, and it felt right?
My oh my...silver spurs
And a painted sky
Time to ride, time to fly

Wish you were here, I'm all burned out
Took a turn, but it went South
If we are stuck, then let's begin
To fix our love, and ride the wind
When...the time is nigh...
Silver spurs and a painted sky
Time to ride, time to fly

We have scars beneath the skin
Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win
Take a chance, our love is strong
We can fight, but the day is long
Can't stop now, we must fly
With silver spurs and a painted sky
Got to go, don't ask why

We need each other now and then
You need to talk, you need a friend
Grab them silver spurs
There's a painted sky
Side by side, we can fly
Time to go, don't ask why

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