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 Posted: Wed Apr 1st, 2020 10:10 pm
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RainbowKeeper wrote:
Hey Andrea,

Great keep it open as an alternative and see if others give you feedback on that. That’s a good decision. And I do agree with you about the Fakt that: in the end, you, yourself have to like it. We are only here to give feedback and suggestions for others.
It’s like this: Nitzsche said: to do is to be, Kant replied: to do is to be but Sinatra put both men aside and just said: do be do ne do....

Feedback is so helpful in so many different ways. I admit I thought this forum would be flooded with posts since everyone is home looking for things to keep busy, but it seems rather quiet lately. Sorry, I stepped out for a couple days, but I am back and would love to do some more work. Next is your post.

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