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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2020 11:42 am
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I couldn't read it in that dreadful font. Pasted below in readable form.

Not sure what the letter designations at the end of lines means. A+ B ...

Not sure of the form. Titling them would help.
Looks like: Verse, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Ending

There is a theme, I like that. Not very original though.
Is there a way to freshen it up?

What do you hear for an accompaniment style musically on this? 



When once the sky was wide and clear A'
Castles enthroned on every hill
When splendid knights rode their horses
They saved the maidens, such thrill
Watched them riding through the forest
Do you hear the sound of their blades?
They fought each other, man by man
And searched the grail within the shades

Mighty dragons spat hell's fire A+
While they flew above every knight
Their fire had burnt those, battling
But their kings sent them out to fight
The survivors got a reward
Some gold or money or a maid
A new title, they were proud of
Honour and pride shall never fade

Battlefield B
Marching behind sword and shield
I hope all the wounds have healed
Marching behind sword and shield
Are you really steeled?
For this life, this battlefield

What has changed since then? C
Are the dark ages back again?
What has changed since then?
No life without conflict and fight
What has changed since then?
Are the dark ages back again?
What has changed since then?
Aren’t we all still some king’s men?

What do we do in our short lives? A*
We want money and we want fame
Follow orders from someone else
Ain’t it all the same? It's a shame!

©&® by Ian P. W&M by Ian P 27.06.2013 for: VALENTINE+B
reworked 23.03.2020

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