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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2020 01:42 am
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RainbowKeeper wrote: See? 😉 I got you! ^^

I often hear stuff like: what does „playing“ with words give you? Or: why are you interested in languages? Computers are the future!....maybe
But I think of words as an ability to „move“. Every single word is a step and any conversation is a way that both ppl start to walk on, towards each other. Yes even if it’s some kind of fight or angry discussion. Talking means moving...that’s me and that’s what I believe in. And if I don’t get rich, I maybe touched a few others and can feel good within.
Oh before I forget....ya welcome to comment my stuff, too. Just take a step towards me 😉


I just posted a new song demo if you want to take another step. - lol

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