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 Posted: Wed Mar 25th, 2020 10:49 pm
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RainbowKeeper wrote: So you are a Rammstein Fan hu?
I do remember the song: „du hast“ and I hope you don’t think this means „I hate“....if so the band found another translation-victim ^^

I dunno why, but I don’t write songs in German. Never enjoyed doing that. Poems and short stories yeah, but that’s it. Sometimes (as you might have noticed) I write in French but not that often anymore. But if there is a song, or an artist that really impressed me, I write in francais. But I normally use English for songs. Don’t know why, maybe out of the trauma I had from my first English teacher...,I have no clue. Sure I’m not native and all ya slang words and cuss-words are usually new to me, but I try my best.
But you know what, I really appreciate it if someone (tries to) speak German with me. Yes it’s difficult for most of you, but German can be very beautiful. And no we don’t always „yell“ or scream in this angry style.😉
And there are a lot of German songs that are amazingly written, but they would lose sooooo much in translation!


Okay, thanks for considering it.
And I think all languages have there own beauty. Russian is the common language in the lab where I work. I told the boss, "I love the sound of Russian in the morning." - lol
I am out of the lab all day delivering for them. But I have a great appreciation for their culture.

- Sketch

PS -- My neighbors are Austrian. They speak German to each other. Although I remember the children always answering in English.

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