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 Posted: Tue Mar 24th, 2020 09:03 pm
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RainbowKeeper wrote: All I can say is, these punishments are needed. There are still some crazy ppl out there having „virus-Partys“ with friends and neighbors. The most „braindead“ thing I heared today is that some youngsters use all this to test their courage. One of this tests was to lick the hands area of an escalator in some mall in Bavaria. They still aren’t sure if the guy who did it has IT or not. Amazing mh?

Over here we have some famous politicians that got the virus, so that even our chancellor-ette had chosen to go in quarantine for a few weeks and have some tests done.

We have heared that the new orders we got already should have helped. But that’s it, no further info on that.


Ps: enjoy playing with my lyrics 😉

I remember you mentioned the virus parties earlier.
What does that involve?

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