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 Posted: Tue Mar 24th, 2020 08:42 pm
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Andrea wrote: Car accidents suck. Sorry you were hurt. Not a good time to go see a doctor though, so I hope you feel better soon. Work is a tough situation for many with so many places shut down. My husband and son are working from home. Glad they are working, can't wait until they go back to offices!
Thanks, Andrea.
I was able to see my personal Chiropractor.
He works out of his home and is still seeing patients.
We were both surprised to find all my bones in alignment.
The whiplash is muscular. So, I just need to get some rest and heal.
Good timing with little work to do now.

But we are all itching to get back to it. This is bad.
I hope your situation improves quickly as well.
Especially with family in various places.

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