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 Posted: Tue Mar 24th, 2020 08:13 pm
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Been out with the dog and this came to my mind:

Sneezing in public makes you a witch
Friendly neighbors have a perfect pitch
These Stoolies always „have a look“
Later you find your picture on Facebook
Don’t know in what bushes they hide
But they stay there until ya‘ identified

Don’t know if it fits but maybe you can put it right. Got a little „head trouble“ atm.
BTW we just got the new government rules...
Meeting with more than 2 ppl is 200€
Visiting a hospital or a seniors residence also 200€
If you open your bar or café’s 4000€ the first time climbing up to 25.000€ if you try it repeatedly.
I also found videos of the famous, always crowded German Autobahn (highway)’s empty.... I mean in some areas you have 10 cars per half an hour!

Anyway I will rest a little. Already in a dark room. And sorry to hear that you have had an accident! Hope your better soon!


Hey y’all !
Im new here and tryin to figure out how this forum works!
Interested in convos about good music and specially about songwriting, lyrics and ideas. All my stuff is protected! copyright by FabIan Peters

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