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 Posted: Tue Mar 24th, 2020 07:15 pm
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Andrea wrote: Motorist Sketchbook wrote:
Andrea wrote: Hi Steve, I like the vibe on this. I'll try to add something an idea.

Have you heard about
that thing goin' 'round?
sick tally is up
stack market is down

They closed all the bridges
there is no where to run
social distance yourself
to kingdom come

Those are some great ideas. Thanks.
I'll like the directional observation about sick tally up and stock market down.

Have they actually closed roadways and bridges where you live?
That's pretty scary.

- Sketch

They haven't closed the bridges yet, but they are talking about closing all the bridges to NYC. There are over 12,000 confirmed cases in NYC so I think closing the bridges will keep them all on an island and stop the spread out of NYC. They probably won't close the bridges near me (about 90 minutes from NYC). I sure hope they don't until my son returns from college. I want him to stay in Binghamton for now because they have very few reposted cases.

Unlike RK, the sun just came out, so my family will probably go out for a walk in the neighborhood soon.

Stay safe :)

Thanks for the update from your state. (that rhymes - lol)

Speaking of bridges, I'm glad I don't "burn them" with previous employers.
My office is closed but I reached out to a few previous employers.
One of whom booked a day of work for me later this week. Sweet.

I need to get some rest though. I am suffering from whiplash from being
rear-ended in an auto accident last week. I'm in a bit of pain.
It only hurts when I get stressed out.

- Sketch

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