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 Posted: Tue Mar 24th, 2020 04:04 pm
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Let me try to explain it.
The government gave us very drastic rules to obey to stop a possible shutdown of whole Germany. We have to stay inside the house and are not allowed to have personal contact with anybody that is not a part of our closest family. You are only allowed to go to the grocery store real quick or take your dog for a walk. If you have a special permission you are allowed to go to work but even there you have to follow the rules, which means no talking to others and stuff like that.
Outside we are not allowed to interact with more than one person. Groups of more than 2 ppl are not allowed and even the ppl that work in minor important medical professions aren’t allowed to work.

So much about the rules.
But now, after weeks of rain and bad weather the sun came out. Spring arrived and many want to go outside.
And you won’t believe the number of ppl that started reporting things they saw on Facebook and other social media. They even take pictures of playing kids and write stuff like: how can this happen? The police needs to go there immediately....and so on. Yeah sometimes you really facepalm yourself when you read some of the stuff that’s not allowed but going on in public, but you get the feeling, that there might be some kind of „see-it-all“ neighbor behind some of the bushes that only take pictures when you give 2 kids their football back or if you wanna help an older couple carrying their groceries. We all know how dangerous this is and that we all have to protect ourselves but some here really behave as if the „Stasi“ still exists.
So I guess what I really wanted to say is, that situations like this can be good because we start thinking and get closer together as a community, but there are also those ppl that play „Mr. Very important“ and show the own mean character to the world. I mean imagine you are outside and you have to sneeze....and you start thinking: I hope no one saw this or heared this....and 20 min later you find a pic of yourself on Facebook with words like: why ain’t he in quarantine yet?!

So I guess this whole situation is also a time when ppl show the weaknesses of their character and Ego.
Besides that, we already had fights in supermarkets about cans of beans.... and I personally think, that this is a dangerous way to go and we need to stop that right away! But as long as there are some ppl having „corona-virus-parties“ at home, there will also be an „impo(r)tant“ person that takes a picture of you while you sneeze outside.

Oh This explanation got a little long but I hope you see my point and the two blades of the sword.

Tgc RK

Hey y’all !
Im new here and tryin to figure out how this forum works!
Interested in convos about good music and specially about songwriting, lyrics and ideas. All my stuff is protected! copyright by FabIan Peters

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