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 Posted: Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 12:49 am
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samiamiamsam wrote: It's awesome Sketch. I was wondering who would be the first to write about everything happening in the world.
Should have known it would be you.

It's scary to think about how all this is going to play out.
What's the endgame? All we can do is try to follow protocol by being safe, washing our hands, and not leaving the house unless it's absolutely necessary.
And prayer. Prayer is always a good thing.

Stay safe, friend.

Thanks, Sam.

One of my favorite guitarists, Mateus Asato, started a series titled:
The Quarantine Sessions (links to a couple of tracks below)

The Quarantine Sessions

I was lamenting because I wanted to make a statement about
these extraordinary times as well. But I am already months behind on
my demo recordings. I simply do not have time for it.

Then I read a comment that spurred an idea. I wrote it down,
but was still not sure if I had time to pursue it. I launched a new
Evernote page for a new series of song lyrics and typed in the title.
Took a stab at it yesterday and then came back today to finish up.
I thought it would make an interesting forum project. See how it goes.

- Sketch

PS --- Something from Mateus Asato from five years ago.

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