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 Posted: Fri Mar 20th, 2020 05:46 pm
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Motorist Sketchbook wrote:
Andrea wrote: Hi Ian, I am having trouble understanding what this is about. I thought maybe it was about God, but as the verses progressed, that didn't seem to fit. If you could give me the theme, I might be able to add better suggestions.
I love these lyrics.
As I understand it, this is the view, of a single candle, of the world.
Experiencing all the things that a candle might experience, if it were a living being.

And much like us, the candle is painfully aware of its mortality.
As it sees itself burning down to a pool of wax.
When it finally runs out of wick to burn, it is done, life is over.


- Sketch

Thank Sketch, that does seems to make sense :) :)

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